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Dead In Your Tracks

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Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen! To the jaw-dropping, electrifying, blood-curling and soul-shattering, Midnight Circus. Children under 12 get in half-price and whatever you do beware of the fog.

This RP goes by EST and tracks the tags midnightcircusrp, mcircustarter and mcircusevent.

Well be opening up soon in a few days. 


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I’ve got work today so when I get back I would love to see some stuff. Lots of roles and face claims are open. Big Bang, 2NE1, SHINee, and SNSD are all open (except for Hyoyeon!) Seriously, check is out~

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Bekah is free to be roleplayed.

Jiyeon, TIffany, Sooyoung and Yoona are now free to be roleplayed.

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Name and Age of character: Hwang Miyoung “Tiffany” ; 20

Likes and Dislikes

[likes] Singing, large crowds, sweets, sex because who doesn’t, fluffy animals, beaches, snow, holidays, large fields, & keeping herself busy.
[dislikes] Complex choreography, movement in general, falling, being sick, throat aches, having people around her be in a bad mood, sweating, bad speakers, people who refuse to rehearse, & people who don’t listen to directions.

Character’s Personality: 

The description you’ll get of Tiffany’s persona varies from who you talk to. Those who’ve scarcely spoken to her will likely tell you that she seems overly polite, happy to the point where it seems fake, and quiet. Those who’ve spoken to her quite often without really considering her a close friend would probably say that she’s definitely humorous, being rather clumsy and using sarcasm quite a bit. Which may sometimes be mistaken for arrogance. And those who are close to her will tell you that she’s everything mentioned above, but will be able to tell you why she carries these traits: selflessness. Believe or not, every single thing she does has meaning behind it that usually has the same ending goal: to make the other happy. She’s polite in fear of coming off as rude, she’s joyful to try and make others the same, she’s quiet in fear of annoying strangers, sarcastic in hopes of making others laugh, and, well, her clumsiness is kind of just a trait she can’t control. But it falls under the laughing category.

However, like all members of the circus, Tiffany has her dark side. When the fog takes over, her brain decides to take all of the pain she managed to take away from others to place onto herself, and put it right back in those people. Her attitude becomes cold, rude, and malicious. Speak to her and insults will spit out of her mouth like compliments would’ve before. Touch her and prepare to be injured into unconsciousness. When in this state, Tiffany acts without conscience, remorse, or hesitation. 

Backstory/History of your character prior to joining the circus: 

Tiffany was born in South Korea, and grew up there her entire life. She was raised in a rather poor family, owning a farm which happened to be their only source of cash. Singing was a hobby she has had since she was very little, since most other possible hobbies were cancelled out due to money matters. Having no electronics to play with and only a few very run-down books, she could only use her own voice to entertain herself. Her mother used to teach her songs and tell her to write her own. Or tell her to sing scales and hum and all of these things to help her improve. And that’s exactly what she spent so many years doing.

Originally, Tiffany’s life plan was different. She was going to live on her family’s farm, inherit it, and continue on the family’s legacy. She didn’t have any older siblings, only a little sister, so this was ultimately her fate. But one day, a circus came into her town. The Midnight Circus. Like many others, she was entranced by it.  And when she noticed the singers of the circus, preforming songs in front of a crowd like she had always secretly dreamed to do, she knew she had to join them. Without a word to her family, or any one else for that matter, she managed to get herself an audition with them. The thought finally made her realize that she never wanted to be a farmer, she never wanted to inherit anything. She just wanted to get rid of that part of her life now, to forget it completely and start anew. That’s how she came up with her stage name, Tiffany. She used it now whenever people asked for her name. Only a few know of her actual name now, for she scarcely uses it. And after her sudden change of direction and identity, Tiffany soon found herself as one of the circus’s members, and has been preforming with them ever since.

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